Andrea Clifford-Poston
Psychotherapy & counselling for children and parents

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Parenting Successfully

Children have very limited ways of telling adults how they feel or when they have a worry or anxiety.  When they can’t put their thoughts into words, they use behaviour to talk to the adults around them.  Unfortunately, they often choose behaviour which doesn’t clearly illustrate their problem.  For example, a child feeling insecure at the arrival of a new baby in the family may be aggressive towards his new sibling.  This can often make parents feel more angry with the child than understanding.

This website will help you to understand what is ordinary problem behaviour for children and when it becomes extraordinary, and you should seek help.

Click here to see behaviours for which child and family therapy may be helpful.

I am a psychotherapist specialising in help for children, parents and families and offer:

  • Educational therapy
  • Child and family therapy
  • Successful parenting skills
  • Supervision of people working with children
  • Workshops and training

For an initial discussion please contact me by phone: 01420 476042 or email:

Andrea Clifford-Poston - psychotherapy & counselling for children and parents

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